5 pregnancy apps that I’m loving

The last time I was pregnant was almost 12 years ago, so when I tell you I don’t remember anything about my pregnancy, you best believe it. So, if you’re like me, or maybe this is your first pregnancy and looking for guidance, try these apps.

What To Expect Pregnancy & Baby Tracker
I downloaded the What to Expect pregnancy app a few weeks into my pregnancy. What I love about it is that it’s full of useful, relatable information on pretty much every pregnancy topic imaginable. On top of personalized tracking that shows you details about exactly where you are in your pregnancy (down to the hour!), it also offers week-by-week videos about your developing body and baby and tons of pregnancy info about everything from nutrition to exercise to prepare for labour.

I’ve had Flo for years now, I’ve been using it to track my period. I had no idea that it’s also a great app for pregnancy. Flo has daily updates on your baby’s development, you can even join a community of moms who are helpful with all those daily questions you might have.

Pregnancy +
Pregnancy + is my favourite, it’s my one-stop shop for all thing’s pregnancy. Besides the fact that it has EVERYTHING you need to know about your pregnancy, you can track your baby’s kicks and your weight gain, as well as learn about your baby’s growth through size-specific illustrated charts and images from every angle through every week of your pregnancy. Pregnancy + is so personalized that it will tell you just how many weeks/days till you meet your precious one.

The Bump
This one seems to be quite popular, personally I haven’t tried it but according to reviews, the Bumppreps moms for upcoming doctor’s visits, while an interactive 3D visualization shows the baby’s growth. The app features daily pregnancy and baby editorial articles, real-time answers to all your questions, a registry, a photo album to document that growing belly, and much more, all offered on a beautiful interface.

If like me, you don’t want to stop your fitness journey because you’re pregnant, then this app is for you. Baby2Body is a comprehensive one-stop-shop for prenatal and postnatal fitness and well-being. Browse tips, workouts, recipes, and mindfulness exercises tailored to your pregnancy stage, goals, and personal preferences.

PS: Pregnancy tracking apps are certainly no substitute for professional medical advice, always consult with your doctor

Photo by Rob Hampson on Unsplash

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