Road safety tips for the festive season

December is approaching faster than your odometer can handle. Motorists will be fast-forwarding to their holiday destinations. Road accidents are expected to accelerate unless we push the brakes and stop bad driving.

The month of festivities also happens to be the month of unfortunate events happening on our roads.

Philip Kekana, the Puma Energy Road Safety Ambassador shares a few #BeRoadSafe tips to pass onto your family and friends:

Take a Break: stop every two hours, get some Vuma, then continue the journey. 

Distracted Driving: remember that driving under the influence of your phone is not Ayoba. Your lack of concentration could cause an accident that you can’t take back.  

Drive Smart: if the car in front is swaying, rather slow down than risk an accident.

Stay alert: distracted drivers are all around you, they could be eating on-the-go, instead of focusing on the road. Report bad driving. Drive for the people around you!

Stay Sober: Besties don’t let their friends drive drunk ever! Rather put the car keys away to live another day.

Photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash

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