Fun ways to connect with your kids this festive season

The holidays are almost here and they bring with them a wonderful opportunity for families to spend time together, laugh, be silly and enjoy activities together and in so doing, reconnect and bond in deeper, more meaningful ways.

Cindy Glass, Co-founder and Director of afterschool remediation franchise, Step Up Education Centre gives the following tips on how you can re-connect with your child, whether you are travelling or staying at home this festive season:

Create a sense of excitement within the family
Have something to look forward to. Choose to make this holiday one of family connection. Remember, what you give to others, you give to yourself. Encourage tolerance, love and peace by being tolerant, loving and peaceful yourself!

Listen without judgement
Holidays provide a great opportunity to stop and listen!  Your children want connection as much as anyone on the planet and being heard is essential in achieving this! Ask questions about each other’s lives. Let your children teach you about their passions and interests – you may just be in awe of how your children view life. So often children shut the doors of communication for fear of how their parents will react – if a connection is your goal, listen without judgement!

Expect challenges
Being human means that things can, and will, go awry from time to time. Allow for these moments. Own them when they happen and find positive solutions. There is, after all, a solution for every challenge! It is how each family member chooses to react to challenges that will make or break your holiday!

Be prepared
If you are travelling and you know that boredom could lead to a less than desirable journey, make sure that you are well-prepared with exciting treats and some games to play in the car! Some old favourites like ‘I spy, 20 questions and adding numbers up on licence plates’ can keep little people entertained for hours!  

“The opposite of frustration, irritation, guilt and a lack of fulfilment is…. non-judgemental human connection, and happiness is rooted in meaningful human connection. Laugh, be silly and allow for the odd challenge. Teach respect and integrity by your being respectful a person of integrity. Choose to use these holidays as a golden opportunity to create positive connections and beautiful memories that will last a lifetime!” Cindy concludes.

Photo by Sai De Silva on Unsplash

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