Life with 2 under 2 – A millennial mom speaks

Dealing with one kid in diapers is tough enough, but add in an infant and it can be complete chaos. Abongile Ngobo, a young mom talks about the advantages of raising 2 young kids.

Did you ever see yourself having kids?
I’ve always seen myself as a mom to boys and that’s exactly what I have right now. I thought I’d have five kids but I think my mind has changed since having the boys. Lol. 

When did you have your first kid?
In 2017 at age 29.

How was that experience?
Finding out I was pregnant wasn’t a shock to my partner and I because I was not on birth control. So it was a pleasant surprise, especially after a miscarriage. Both my pregnancies were fairly easy because I never had any morning sickness or complications. It was only towards the end of both pregnancies when I was uncomfortable because of insomnia and just general being tired of growing a whole human for 9 months. 

Your second child was born 6 months ago. Did you want a second child so soon, or at all?
I didn’t want a big age gap between my kids but we didn’t expect number 2 to come so soon! I was a bit overwhelmed when I found out about my second pregnancy but I’m glad it happened as soon as it did because I think I would have been reluctant on having a second kid if a long time had passed. 

How was the experience with your second pregnancy?
It was also a pleasant pregnancy, no morning sickness or anything. Baby number 2 came a couple of days earlier than expected but I was glad because I was so tired of being pregnant anyway. 

How is it like parenting 2 kids who are so close in age?
My firstborn is 2 years and my second is 6 months. In hindsight, I’m glad they don’t have a huge age gap. I can’t imagine having to take time off to be pregnant and take care of another baby after, say 5 years. 

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of having kids who are close in age?

  • The advantages are that it feels like I’m parenting once then will focus on other parts of my life once the kids are older. They will also go through milestones together because of the close age gap. 
  • The disadvantages are that taking care of two small kids is more demanding than taking care of one. 

What do you love most about parenting?
It’s taught me responsibility and encouraged me to think more about my decisions and choices I make than I did before. 

What do you dislike most about parenting?
Because my kids are still young, I haven’t had time away for myself but as soon as my youngest stops breastfeeding I am definitely taking a momcation all by myself. 

What advice would you give someone who’s planning on having kids so close in age?
I would definitely encourage it but I can’t emphasize enough the amount of support from family and friends that one needs. But I wouldn’t have done it any other way! 

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