Meet Marinda Thomas, the brains behind Essential Earth Remedies

Visual artist and creative, Marinda Thomas, spent the first three months of her life covered in eczema and battled recurring outbreaks into her adulthood. Regular cortisone prescriptions led her to experiment with natural alternatives and so began her journey into learning about Mother Nature’s apothecary and the healing power of earth’s botanicals and minerals and that’s how Essential Earth Remedies was born.

Essential Earth Remedies offers a full range of South African, hand-crafted, restorative, non-toxic skincare products using only the purest, ethically sourced ingredients and 100% natural carrier and essential oils. We speak to Miranda about the range.

Please tell us a bit about yourself. How did you end up creating EER?
Though I studied Graphic Design at Art School, my first job was as a student nurse. I moved back over into the creative field in the fashion industry first and then advertising. Delving into skincare was personally motivated as I was looking for a natural remedy for eczema as an alternative to cortisone that I had been using for many years.

Did you have any experience in the beauty industry prior to starting the skincare range?
Not at all. But I have always had a desire to help others (hence my stint as a student nurse). As soon as I discovered what was possible with natural products, the need to share my findings with others grew. That network expanded until the only way forward was to start my own skincare line. I am so thrilled with the response we have had, and it is unbelievably fulfilling to have customers returning exclaiming how we have helped.

What inspired the move away from chemical-based products to the natural skincare sphere of beauty? 
I have always had a keen interest in natural products because of the sensitivity of my skin. I was always intrigued by the power of naturally derived products. The difference it made on my skin was undeniable and the further I dive into it, the deeper I realise the well is. However, the idea that a product can be ‘chemical-free’ is somewhat of a myth, as everything contains chemicals. We focus more on excluding harmful and synthetic ingredients, such as petrochemicals and parabens. We exclude preservatives wherever possible- but in the products containing water- it would be considered neglectful and dangerous to exclude them. We have gone out of our way to source the most natural ad effective preservatives available. The skincare industry has made leaps and bounds in research and has made it possible to make luxurious natural products that are as effective as well-known beauty brands- but without the harsh chemicals.

What inspired you to create products for expecting moms and babies?This was more of a natural extension of our product line. When it comes to essential oils and babies, it becomes tricky and a lot of care has to be taken when developing these products. However, we had developed all these beautifully natural products and yet nothing for the most vulnerable of us all. This was also true for expecting mums. Our Mom’s & Babe’s range is still limited, but we are always at work developing new products and ideas.

What’s the science behind EER that makes it such a standout skincare brand? 
Essential oils have been used for centuries by some cultures and for millennia by others. Their use has been widespread and there is evidence to suggest that their use can be traced as far back as four thousand years in the case of the ancient Egyptians, as well as traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. More recently, empirical science has carried out numerous studies on the health benefits and practical applications of essential oils.

What is EER’s best-selling product? And your favourite?
From our skin-care range, the best-seller is probably the ‘CBD Eye Serum’ which revitalizes the sensitive skin underneath the eyes. ‘Silver fix’ is also a hit and a must for every medicine cabinet, soothing and calming minor burns, eczema, rashes, and other skin conditions.

Any new products in the pipelines?
We are busy developing an all-natural room spritz, a liquid hand soap, as well as a range of essential oil blends for use with diffusers.

Where and how can people get your products? 
For personalized service and in-store discounts, our shop at Cedar Square is definitely first-choice. The beautiful smells, sights, and sounds don’t hurt the senses either. For convenience, our online store is up and running at www.essentialearthremedies.co.za

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