Celebrating Pregnancy Awareness Week

Last December, I did a post about how much I hated being pregnant (revisit it here), 2 months later, nothing has changed. Instead, I think things have gotten a bit worse. But that doesn’t mean there’s no bright side to pregnancy, so in honour of Pregnancy Awareness Week (10 – 16 February), I’ve listed 6 things I actually like about pregnancy.

  • Parking. Phew, I enjoy being able to park right in front of the shop I’m going to
  • People smiling at me and holding the door as if I were someone important.
  • My work colleagues saying, “You look exhausted! Why don’t you go home early.”
  • Eating anything, and I mean anything that I want without getting any side-eyes.
  • Watching the amazing nightly spectacle of my baby moving around in my belly.
  • Not getting my period. I don’t think I need to elaborate here. LOL

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