And then there were 2

4 March 2020, I welcomed my second baby girl, Milani Nova Yahna Ndlangisa.

I already had a daughter, Alwande, I had her when I was 18. A week after giving birth, I had to leave for school, so I never got to bond with my eldest child, I was actually never a mother because my own mother took over that responsibly for me as I was too “young” for it.

12 years later, I’ve been blessed with my second child and this time I get to do thing “right”. Though it pains me that my eldest child won’t ever know what it feels like to have me as a present mother from a young age, unlike her new sister. The guilt I feel for being so in love with Milani overwhelms me because Alwande didn’t get the same.

I cannot express how happy I am about the birth of my second daughter, I cannot stop starring at her. My camera roll is full of her pictures and videos. I never thought I would feel this way about anyone. I always thought mothers exaggerated their emotions when it came to how they felt about their new babies.

I am looking forward to raising my little girl and making up for the missed time with my eldest, I am looking forward to what’s about to come.

Here’s my baby girl, meet Milani.

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