REVIEW: Playdate at Floating Panda

When I was pregnant, I made so many plans for what was going to happen after giving birth. One of those plans was to go out as much as I can with my new baby. 3 other friends of mine were pregnant at the same time as me, so I envisioned play dates, mommy dates (the included mommy juice), and more, but God had other plans.

2 weeks after giving birth, the country went on lockdown and all my plans were shattered.

Having a baby during a pandemic messed up a lot for us. We had to stay at home for 5 consecutive months, which for some, was hell. I have to say, I enjoyed staying at home with my new child, but I did long to go outside.

5 months later, our president moved us from level 5 to level 2, which meant most, if not all, businesses were open. One business I was most excited about to open was Floating Panda. I didn’t know anything about it until my friend Unathi sent me a link and suggested we take our kids there (they’re 3 weeks apart, which is perfect). At first, I didn’t really care for what we were going to be doing, I was just excited about my first outing with the baby. The more I read on Floating Panda, the more excited I got.

We met for our 12PM appointment at the Baby Hydrotherapy spa and had the best time ever. Floating Panda is a Health and Wellness Studio offering hydrotherapy for babies and toddlers from 2 weeks to 3 years old. 

The experience was an hour-long, my daughter was cranky (she’s teething) so at first, it wasn’t fun for her. Unathi’s son, Bahole, on the other hand, was in it the moment we got there. Milani wasn’t a fan of the floating machine, a kid is supposed to be there for 15 minutes and Milani lasted 12, which wasn’t bad. But she was sobbing the whole time. Until she was on the massage table, then her inner princess showed out. LOL.

She enjoyed the massage; the therapist was amazing (wish I could take her home with us). The overall experience was great, short, but great. I would definitely recommend it to other parents. Everything costed R380 which is pretty reasonable considering the sleep you’ll get after it, Milani slept through the night.

You can find Floating Panda on Instagram

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